We fulfill warranty obligations

If you purchased SIGETA products from an authorized dealer, you also received a warranty card together with the receipt. SIGETA always fulfills its obligations: for this reason, a service center is equipped in Kyiv. In case of a warranty case, the consumer should contact the center's reception/delivery point or call the phone numbers indicated in the coupon. We recommend always starting with a call: the problem can be solved thanks to the telephone consultation of the master.

Repair of the microscope objective table


Optics repair is performed by qualified and experienced engineers. Most masters have been working with the brand since its inception and are familiar with all the design features of the products.

SIGETA optics repair


Due to the tight cooperation of Ukrainian experts and their foreign colleagues, as well as the well-established supply of spare parts, the optics is returned from the service without undue delay.

Repair of the illuminator in the SIGETA service center


The SIGETA service center accepts appliances for service even after the expiration of the warranty period: the cost of repair is calculated separately in each case.

Attention: When transporting or sending the device to the service center, please take care of thorough packing and proper transportation of the product. Optical equipment, especially with a defect, is very sensitive to shocks and vibrations.

SIGETA technicians struggle for each device: if the model is outdated and spare parts for it are no longer produced, they look for an opportunity to manufacture the item in Ukraine. Another thing is that the cost of repair may be unreasonably high: then, on the recommendation of the master, you will be offered a discount on the purchase of a similar SIGETA device of a modern model.