Monoculars SIGETA

Monocular - a compact, pocket-sized optical device that can visually zoom in on objects by 6-15 times. The monocular prototype is an ordinary telescope, which has been reduced to a pocket-size format by modern technologies.

Monoculars do not require lengthy adjustments: changing the magnification and sharpening are usually carried out easily, by simply turning the ring regulator. Such optics are useful where observations on the go or occasional observations are needed to clarify the visible picture. In short, the scope of application is unlimited: from walks and excursions to fairs, exhibitions, sports and cultural events.

These devices are inseparable companions of travelers and urban naturalists (young and not quite). After all, a monocular is the easiest way to satisfy natural curiosity and get vivid impressions from everyday life!

If you did not find a SIGETA model among the listed assortment, its production may have been discontinued. You can see the list of such products in Archive.