Microscopes SIGETA

Children's microscopy sets

SIGETA children's kits contain everything you need to start diving into the world of microscopy. In addition to the microscope, the sturdy plastic cases contain kits, consumables, slide accessories and several ready-to-use specimens

School teaching microscopes

SIGETA offers monocular biological microscopes with glass optics, various additional options, easy setup and affordable price for middle and high school students as well as biology students. Beginners and experienced users will be able to learn and explore the surrounding microcosm.

Laboratory biological (light, optical)

SIGETA mono-, bi- and trinocular laboratory models are used for thorough examination and analysis of samples at the cellular level. These microscopes are equipped with multi-enlightened achro- or planachromatic optics, have precise focusing and provide comfortable laboratory research in any field.

Digital USB microscopes

Besides the usual biological microscopes, SIGETA also produces modern digital - compact microscopes with a built-in camera instead of an eyepiece. They are connected to a computer via USB port and with the help of specialized software transmit images to a monitor or save them to sd-card. Some models of SIGETA usb microscopes are equipped with a color screen and are designed for stand-alone operation

Stereoscopic microscopes

Stereo microscopes are also known as instrumental or maintenance microscopes, which is determined by the scope of application. Optical devices of this type are able to generate a spatial (stereoscopic) image with sufficient sharpness. SIGETA stereomicroscopes are used by electronics and technology repair centers (for soldering microcircuits), jewelry workshops, expert and evaluation companies. 3D optics is very useful in school biology classes and during independent research of the world of insects and plant structure

Pocket mini-microscopes

These are portable, sometimes even miniature microscopes for "field" research and quality control in production. Despite the relative simplicity of the design, pocket models are illuminated, allow adjustment of image sharpness and generate magnification up to 200x

If you did not find a SIGETA model among the listed assortment, its production may have been discontinued. You can see the list of such products in Archive.