Software for SIGETA optical instruments

Find your SIGETA model in the list and download the archive with the necessary software, drivers and information materials

Microscope PRIZE NOVUM 20x-1280x with camera 0.3MP Download

Camera-eyepiece MDC-200 2.0MP

Camera eyepieces of MCMOS, M3CMOS, LCMOS, UCMOS, U3CMOS series

Camera-eyepieces series DCM and MDC (except MDC-200) of various resolutions

Digital microscope HandView 20x-500x 5.0MP LCD

Digital microscope Superior 10x-220x 2.4

Digital microscope Forward 10x-500x 5.0Mpx LCD

USB-microscope CAM-07 20x-200x 2.0MP

USB-microscope HCAM 10x-200x 2.0MP

USB-microscope Expert 10x-300x 5.0Mpx

WiFi-microscope Vizio 10x-200x 1080P iOS Android .APK
Note: by clicking on the last link, you will automatically download the APK file.
To install the software, you need to copy it to your Android device and run the file.

High-quality open source astronomical software, which is not mandatory for using SIGETA telescopes, but will be very useful at the preparatory stage
The planetarium application window is divided into three parts, in which the selected area of space is displayed at different scales

Planetarium application window, three levels of detail

Spiral galaxy Cygnus in the constellation Ursa Major

Spiral galaxy from the constellation Ursa Major

3D map of the Moon surface in the planetarium program window

3D map of the Moon surface in Skychart window

Planetarium software, telescope software

SkyChart - a program for reproducing star maps, one of the best free planetarium programs. It allows you to calculate emergences (tables of stellar coordinates) of astronomical objects, dates of solar and lunar eclipses and much more. Besides, this software can monitor computerized mounts of real telescopes. Installers for Win-32bit, Win-64bit and Unix-like operating systems can be downloaded here. The full astronomical catalog of SkyChart contains almost all known space objects, except for the ISS and other artificial satellites, but it is not included in the basic version of the program: working with such an array of information would require almost 30 GB of RAM.

C2A (Computer Aided Astronomy) - similar to SkyChart semi-professional desktop program, will be useful even for experienced researchers. Its only disadvantage is that it works only under Windows. Download Setup of the desktop program:   Windows

Stellarium is used in projection planetariums with a spherical or flat ceiling, with the help of this software you can get realistic images of starry sky objects right on the ceiling of the room. It is able to simulate the use of a telescope, has many useful settings and a developed system of applications. Download the Portable Apps version that does not require installation:   Windows
. Versions for installation on Win64, Mac OS and Linux are available on the official website

Astronomical software for mobile devices

A lot of astronomical software has also been developed for users of mobile gadgets, most of which can be found on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Especially popular are the so-called starry sky navigators: in order to navigate among the twinkling variety of stars, it is sufficient just to point the smartphone camera at the selected area of the sky. The names of the recognized objects will instantly appear on the screen, and a light tap on any of them will open a window with additional information. It is clear that a smartphone with such software can help owners of a conventional (non-automated) telescope during pointing.

Astronomical program-navigator shows the constellation of the Big Dipper on the screen of a mobile device

Among the sky-navigators the undisputed leaders are Star Chart from Escapist Games Limited and Star Walk 2 from Vito Technology (from the developments of this company it is worth noting also the picturesque children's Atlas of Space).

  • StarChart pocket planetarium Android
  • StarWalk2 space navigator for smartphone Android
  • StarWalk Kids 2 children's star atlas Android

Both "adult" programs have a paid version with additional functionality, but there are more than enough free options for review. In addition, it is always possible to upgrade the installed free version to Premium.

StarChart free can also be downloaded from App Store for iOS
Unlike StarChart, StarWalk 2 for iOS is not free and will cost the user $3