Creation of the SIGETA brand

The history of SIGETA started not so long ago - approximately 10 years ago ... in Ukraine. Group of marketing and technical experts has analyzed the domestic market of optical devices and has come to the conclusion that in affordable price niche for ordinary consumers there is a lack of quality products.

SIGETA Factory

This was followed by years of organizing production, learning international experience, building personal and working relationships with professionals from all over the world. Simultaneously, the model range and corporate identity have been developed, and the products have been tested.

The range of SIGETA is quite wide already now, but it is still being formed. Nowadays telescopes, stereo microscopes, biological and digital microscopes, eyepieces and usb-cameras, as well as binoculars, monoculars and gadgets for sports are produced under this brand.

There are already around 100 various models of microscopes and more than 20 telescopes. Yes, some models have not passed the test of time: their construction will be reviewed and fundamentally changed. But each series of SIGETA products - children's or laboratory microscopes, stationary binoculars or home telescopes - contains real hits that make up a significant share of sales in specialized stores.

During the period of existence of the brand, 80 inet- and real stores in Kyiv and almost 150 - all over Ukraine became partners of SIGETA. Consultations on the assortment and characteristics of products are carried out by the company's experts in the working mode, specialists regularly carry out master classes for sales representatives.

The management and design engineering bureau of SIGETA have always strived to meet the needs of high-precision optics not only in laboratories and production workshops, but also in educational institutions of any level. Despite the economic problems and uncertain political situation, Ukrainian schools and universities still need educational equipment and qualitative research materials. The SIGETA assortment offers everything to assist students in mastering the school curriculum and interest even kids in learning: children's microscopy kits, ready-made slides on various topics and much more.

In today's changing world, SIGETA is developing and continues to overcome obstacles. All the resources of the company are working to achieve the main goal - to prevent the rise in price or decrease in product quality. So far, the only way to keep prices for optical devices in an affordable segment is to sign production agreements with Chinese specialized plants. Quality goods produced in Ukraine are currently much more expensive for the end consumer than Chinese ones. Over time, we expect to solve this problem and at least partially transfer production to Ukraine.

Therefore, SIGETA is open for cooperation with Ukrainian and international dealers, owners of production facilities and private entrepreneurs. We are interested in receiving feedback and encourage legal entities and individuals to send us comments, wishes and suggestions!

With respect and gratitude, SIGETA

Exhibition "Modern educational institutions"

SIGETA company took part in the twelfth international exhibition "Modern Educational Institutions" (26-28.05.2021) and represented its products to several thousand visitors. High-quality children's, school, laboratory, as well as digital microscopes and cameras were presented at the stand, while the specialists of the company provided information about optical devices for both beginners and experienced users.

As usual, the products of the Ukrainian manufacturer aroused the greatest interest - SIGETA microscopes did not leave indifferent any of the guests of the exhibition. The visitors paid particular interest to the digital capabilities of professional microscopes, as well as the ease of use of microscopes for young researchers.

Exhibition Modern Educational Institutions 2021

Children's drawing contests

SIGETA brand has already participated three times in children's drawing contests jointly with supermarket. Prize fund comprised children's microscopy kits with a wide range of accessories.

Drawing-winner of the contest

The last competition, dedicated to the Children's Day ended on June 29, 2017: the winner from SIGETA - "day telescope" A. Kurtanich.

In the New Year's contest "Draw your favorite toy - 2016" the jury awarded three winners – Vadym Holodiuk, Yulia Talalaykina and Sasha R.: they received SIGETA Neptun cases.

drawing Bacteria under the microscope

On this page of the previous competition, we advise you to pay attention to the "portraits of bacteria under the microscope": the author of the picture is Artem Lyakh.

Presentation of products at the exhibition in Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Experti

Official representative of the brand, company, on July 05, 2018 introduced SIGETA digital microscopes and USB cameras at the exhibition in Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

Among other participants of the presentation - leading companies for the sale of equipment for forensic laboratories, as well as bureaus of computer forensics and information security.

SIGETA digital cameras and microscopes at the exhibition in Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise