Binoculars SIGETA

Binoculars - more complex magnifying device involving binocular vision of a person. Each of the two tubes of the device is very similar to a monocular, but most binoculars have a single - central - focusing system (although there are models with individual focus for the left and right eye).

There are not so many SIGETA binoculars yet because of the selection principle. We believe that the ideal binoculars should:

  1. Contain lenses and prisms only from the best grades of optical glass.
  2. Be luminous enough for observations in any weather.
  3. Have a lightweight and durable sealed housing.
  4. Allow observation «by hand» without fluttering the picture.
  5. Have the most effective coating and phase correction.

If you did not find a SIGETA model among the listed assortment, its production may have been discontinued. You can see the list of such products in Archive.