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SIGETA - accessibility of innovations for everyone

SIGETA - a young Ukrainian optical brand. A vast range of magnifying optics is produced under the SIGETA trademark: microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, rangefinders and other optical devices. The whole range of goods is covered by the manufacturer's warranty: SIGETA has a service center in Ukraine.

Among the brand's products, there are items of different price categories: even the most basic telescopes and microscopes are of decent quality and are quite suitable for use with the introductory purpose. During the years of its presence on the market, SIGETA has proved to the Ukrainian user that the working optics can be inexpensive.

The range of SIGETA microscopes features biological (mono-, bi-, trinocular), stereoscopic and digital microscopes. Moreover, among the products of the brand there are always additional accessories for microscopy (condensers, illuminators, etc.), digital usb-cameras and photo adapters, as well as consumables - slides and coverslips, immersion fluids, etc. For the students and teachers SIGETA prepared the sets of slides for microscope in botany, zoology and anatomy.